Let's talk veggies! If you're trying to make better food choices like Mindy and I, Connecticut home grown vegetables are the way to go.

This past Saturday, Mindy and I stopped down on opening day of CityCenter Danbury Farmer's Market, which has moved to the CityCenter Green, and it is awesome. One of the first people I saw was Mayor Mark doing his live play by play on Facebook as I approached.

Danbury Farmer's Market - Photo by Ethan

From the freshest of vegetables from farms in Connecticut to homemade jams and jellies along with savory food trucks, and even some tasty acoustic music from the CityCenter stage, the new and improved CityCenter Danbury Farmer's Market was a rousing success.

CityCenter Danbury's Farmer's Market - Photo by Ethan
CityCenter Danbury Farmer's Market - Photo by Ethan

The Farmer's Market is open every Saturday thru October 21 from 10am until 2pm and features live music, the best vegetables you've ever tasted along with freshly baked treats from The Mothership Bakery and Cafe. If you haven't yet been to The Mothership on Main at 331 Main Street for breakfast, do yourself a favor and go there at your next available opportunity. Parking is FREE at the Patriot Garage.

Danbury is slowly but surely transforming into an attractive metropolitan center with the addition of Kennedy Flats, new restaurants like Pour Me Coffee and Wine, Mothership Bakery and Cafe, the soon to be finished, Hat City Ale House, and the CityCenter Danbury Farmer's Market. Go Danbury!

Photo by Ethan