Remember back in the old days when you had to purchase a pen or pencil and actually write a report or a letter by hand?

According to Fox61, Deborah and Bryan Hocking of Danbury have a true love story to tell.

They've been married for 46 years and began dating back in high school. Shortly after graduation, Bryan was drafted and deployed to Vietnam, and that's when the exchange of love letters began.

For the next 13 months, those love letters kept their love story alive until Bryan returned from 'Nam. Deborah told Fox61 that she enjoyed the old-school style of communicating.

I always believe writing a real letter just connects you more than emails today.

So what happened to those love letters?

Deborah saved each and every letter while Bryan was in Vietnam, but one day, while cleaning out her attic, she mistakenly donated a box of stuff to Savers Thrift Store, and had forgotten that's where she had placed the letters.

Fast forward to 2017, when Savers found the love letters in an old shoe box. After 46 years of marriage, Deborah and Bryan Hocking told Fox61 they couldn't wait to read those missing letters. Now that's a true love story, and an ideal Lifetime Television Network movie idea.

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