Quick thinking from a local police officer allowed for a potentially tragic situation to remain under control in Danbury today.

According to a social media post from the Danbury Fire Department, Officer Emilio Masella was on patrol just after 12:40 PM on Saturday (January 19) when he happened to notice that the second floor porch of a multi-family home on Rose Hill Avenue was on fire.

After calling it in, Masella reportedly sprung into action by using a fire extinguisher that was inside of his patrol car to keep the fire contained so that it wouldn't spread to other parts of the building. From there, more of Danbury's finest arrived to let the people inside the home know what was going on.

While all of that was happening, the firefighters from the DFD were en route and within two minutes' time, they were on the scene, ready for battle. The first responders made quick work of the fire and at the same time, guided the home's residents to safety all within twenty minutes.

There were zero reported injuries and now it's up to the local Fire Marshal to complete the investigation.

Yet another job well done by both Danbury's finest and Danbury's bravest.

Here are some shots from the scene:

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