City Center Danbury has announced that they will work together with the Blue Haus Group to bolster foot traffic on Main Street. The Hartford Based economic development and real estate team at Blue Haus will work in tandem with the City Center offices to install a Friday Night entertainment series beginning in June.

According to a press release from the City Center Danbury office, possible programs include music, table tennis hosted by PoP! Table Tennis, outdoor markets and pop-up style installations.

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Blue Haus and City Center will reach out to downtown businesses and shops to "drive engagement for the project." Again, the Main Street series would start in June and run Friday nights from 4-7 pm.

I love the downtown Danbury area and anything we can do to get more people down there, walking, eating and shopping is a good thing. I've lived in Danbury for years but just recently moved into the Downtown area. I walk around almost everyday on Main Street and I see the potential everywhere.

I also feel like the City is due for an explosion of positive activity, it just has a feeling like it's on the verge of a tipping point. The Kennedy Flats development helped that in a big way and the new housing development that is under construction now at the old News Times building will only further progress in Danbury.

When this Friday night series kicks off, come downtown and give the events a chance. Or, you don't even need to wait, head to Main Street and just find a place to eat like my friends and I did recently.

Danbury Leadership Holds Secret Meeting on Main Street

The Mayor, the former Mayor, the Chief of Staff, the P.R. whiz, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and the co-hosts of the greatest show in radio history? What are they all doing in one place, at one time? What does this mean for Danbury? What does it mean for me?

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