The developers of The Summit, formerly the Matrix, have a master plan for the 1.3 million-square-foot complex, and that's to create a "city within a city".

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The City of Danbury also has a master plan to purchase 210,000 square feet of office space from The Summit's owners and turn it into classrooms and labs for 1,400 Danbury middle and high school students.

But some issues need to be addressed. CT Insider has reported that to receive the state grant, which includes an 80% reimbursement of the school's estimated $90 million costs, blueprints must be handed over to the state by October 1. To get an idea of what this mega corporate complex looks like, check out this video produced in 2011 when it was still The Matrix.

Former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is afraid that with the influx of students coming through in the next three-to-four years, unless the Danbury Career Academy is up and functional. There's not going to be enough space for Danbury students.

According to the Newstimes, the good news is the state has already approved millions of dollars in grants for school construction in Brookfield and New Fairfield and eventually for the Danbury Career Academy at The Summit.

For the Danbury Career Academy to move into the next phase, the city needs to "finalize plans, negotiate contracts, get approval from voters, and submit a grant application by October 1."

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