It is time for everyone to come up with creative ways to come together while maintaining our distance, and the gang at Durkin's Awnings and Shade Systems in Danbury have done just that.

They are inviting everyone to come by vehicle to their business at 90 Beaver Brook Road in Danbury Saturday (April 11) as they blast the National Anthem from their roof. The Anthem will play at 2:00 PM to honor those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeff Ginty of Durkin's said in a Facebook post,

Bring your work vehicles to showcase as we'll be photographing/filming and drones will be flying to make a video. Come show your support either way!! Park your vehicles with the windows down so you can sing along. Social distancing is mandatory. We need unity for small businesses and we all need to sing this together to let the world know, that essential or not, we are all essential together and we shall prevail. Most importantly, we pay a tribute to the ones on the front line. Let's go!

We're happy to see a chance to get together in the safety of our own vehicles while still participating in a show of unity and community.

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