In a now infamous rant about the city of Danbury, comedian John Oliver said:

If you are from there, you've got a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver, children included, f--- you!

He made the comment on "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" on HBO. Most residents of the city of Danbury have not reacted kindly to the comment. One such resident is boxing promoter, AJ Galante, who joined the Ethan and Lou show saying:

I saw this guy, John Oliver, this little weasel doing his thing and ripping us apart and I wasn't happy about it.

He continued:

What I'd like to propose on behalf of the City of Danbury is, you know promoting fights is not really an easy thing. It's not like a street fight, obviously, so one of the hardest things for a promoter is a venue. I do have a venue called Champs Boxing Club and I would like to set up a special sparring exhibition for a charity of his choice. He can choose any person from Danbury he likes because he hates all of us and yeah we can set it up. I think he seems like the type that would need a car service and everything, we can set that up for him, we can bring him down. You know, listen, following social distancing rules, we can't have too many people in the gym, so we can maybe do a live stream, all for a charity of his choice.

Listen to our full interview with AJ Galante below.

The venue is locked in, transportation is available and the opponent choice is yours, John. There will be no shortage of people volunteering to fight you. The only question is, are you man enough?

Champs Boxing Club is located at 128 East Liberty Street in Danbury, CT

Warning: Offensive language and horrifically unfunny content below. Danbury comments start at the 6:18 mark. 

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