You might say that Ingersoll Auto of Danbury is a modern-day community, Santa Claus.

Last week I told you the story about how Todd Ingersoll, the owner of Ingersoll Auto had delivered a bunch of brand-spankin' new computers to Newtown Schools. 

Come to find out, the Ingersoll family loves to give back to the community by personally dropping off these much-needed computers to schools in the greater Danbury area on a weekly basis during the holiday season.


This week, they handed over 20 new computers to Danbury High School, which are given to students who don't have this necessary piece of technology at home. This gift also helps to free up these students to participate in sports, clubs, and internships and other after school activities.

For the last eight years around the holidays, the Ingersoll family has chosen to 'pay it forward.' According to Todd, it's simply the right thing to do and next week they'll do it all over again.

At the end of the day, it's not just about selling cars, it's about taking care of people and their needs.

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