One of the things when I see the devastation and aftermath of the numerous hurricanes destroying lives and land, is the tremendous loss to people and the often forgotten about, pets and animals.

On a large scale, what's happening in our country, as well as around the world, being pummeled by these storms, is overwhelmingly heartbreaking. Of course human life is the most important thing, but my heart hurts as well for the thousands of displaced animals. So with that in mind, even one lost pet bears talking about.

This posting appeared on the Danbury Animal Control Facebook page:

FOUND: on Williams Street, female mix, no collar, tags or microchip. Please call 203-748-6456 with information.

What I found most encouaging was people chiming in that they would adopt the dog. Hopefully the owner's are found or contact Danbury Animal Control on their own. That said, if you have lost a pet, or want to reach out, the Danbury Animal Control is a great resource.

Another great agency that you can check into is to give an abandoned animal it's loving forever home.

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