Duke is a friendly 4-year-old German Shepard who greatly needs a new place to live.

Danbury Animal Control is desperately trying to find Duke, this gorgeous German Shepard a new place to call home because the current owner, for whatever reason, isn't able to care for him anymore.

The owner has told Animal Control that Duke has always been friendly around kids and other dogs but has never been in close proximity to cats. Duke's been living in the owner's garage and hasn't had much exercise which may be the reason for a couple of issues.

Credit- Danbury Animal Control

Duke is up to date on his vaccinations but his hindquarters are unsteady possibly due to lack of exercise although a hip x-ray appears to be clear.

After a veterinary exam, blood testing for degenerative myelopathy has been recommended. Danbury Animal Control feels that it's important this handsome 4-year old German Shepard is adopted ASAP. If you're interested, please send a FB message to Danbury Animal Control.