Dan Patrick is a founding face of ESPN, one of the network's most recognizable and successful personalities.

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While Patrick has not worked at the Bristol, CT sports campus for years, his broadcast career has grown into it's own machine. The Dan Patrick Show is available on stations all across the country and he has distribution through Peacock, FOX Sports Radio and Live-1.

While his reach is national, his home base is local. Dan Patrick and his team work out of their own studio in his hometown of Milford, CT. That is why I didn't blink when my morning show partner Large Dave asked him about Connecticut pizza during our recent interview.

Dave: I just went to the Dan Patrick Show website and I noticed you have a Fritzy's Pizza from Milford t-shirt for sale on there. I know it's been awhile since you've been in Bristol but can you recommend some of your favorite Connecticut pizzas for us? 

Dan Patrick: "Oh you can't go wrong just go to New Haven and say point me in a direction. Modern Pizza is great, Sally's obviously and Pepe's but there are so many sneaky great pizza places, we're very very fortunate. Everybody's territorial because my kids live in New York and they want to tell me that New York is better pizza, Manhattan and then somebody is moving to Brooklyn and Brooklyn has the best pizza. All I know is, nationally that little corner of Connecticut that is known as New Haven, one or two streets has the best pizza in America." 

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You can hear the rest of our Wednesday (10/11/23) interview below in two parts.




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