UCONN Men's Basketball Coach Dan Hurley was back in the news recently, this time for signing a new contract to stay with the Huskies. According to NBC CT, the new deal is worth roughly $50 million.

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The NBC report adds:

The new contract includes a base salary of $400,000 per year plus performance incentives if Hurley reaches certain goals. He will also receive another $6.375 million next season for speaking, consulting and media obligations, according to the university. That additional compensation increases each year throughout the contract. Hurley will also receive a $1 million retention bonus per year, the school said.

The guy has won back-back championships, he has a record of 223-21 and four, top-five finishes in the national rankings. Then, this dude turned down $70 million from the Lakers and chose us, he chose Connecticut.

Hurley also recently was offered (kind of) a football coaching job with UNLV. On3 reports:

Dan Hurley has another job offer. However, this one isn’t to coach on the hardwood but, instead, on the gridiron. During an appearance on the New York Yankees broadcast on Sunday, the UConn head coach suggested he would be better at coaching football than basketball. It didn’t take long for a football coach to give Hurley the opportunity to find out if he’s right. Come join us [Dan Hurley], UNLV head coach Barry Odomwrote on X. New rules allow unlimited coaches!

For my money, Dan Hurley is the coolest person in Connecticut and there is not a close second place. This has become a talking point on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Morning Show on I-95.

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I am currently in serious discussions to have a statue of Hurley made for the front lawn of the radio station.

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