New Milford loves their new Cumbies!

People in the know tend to call Cumberland Farms, "Cumbies" for short, and southern New Milford has a brand spankin' new Cumbies at 376 Danbury Road (Rt.7) right next to New Milford High School.

People are diggin' the 10 gas pumps that serve up some of the least expensive gas in the area. When I walked inside, I noticed this new Cumbies was immaculately clean and stocked up with just about any kind of junk food and beverage selection known to man.

Ethan Carey Photo

I also forgot one of the golden rules of super-convenience store shopping — Never ever step inside a convenience store that has everything when you're hungry.

I walked out of the new New Milford Cumberland Farms with two hot dogs, a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, and a medium blueberry Hyperfreeze. Don't even get me started about the nine different dressing choices for your hot dog.

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I asked Ben from Danbury what he liked about the new Cumberland Farms. He told me:

I love the hot dogs dude! Two dogs for $2.50, that's the s--t!

A couple of other people told me that the price for both gas and milk are some of the lowest in the greater Danbury area. I also learned not to ask any teenagers a question. When I asked a long-haired, 16-year-old high school dude, who weighed in at around 120 lbs., why he liked the new Cumberland Farms, he told me that when he gets his driver's license, "It'll be a great place to pick up chicks!" Party on, young man.

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