It seems like twice a week, I'm analyzing another video about CT's identity.

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And it seems that way because it's true. The reputation of the State of Connecticut has been the subject matter for thousands of social media videos, and I've seen most of them. With that said, this is definitely one of the best CT themed videos out there.

The creator's name is Mike Feeney, and he recently published (7/11/22) a Tik-Tok video titled "Welcome to Connecticut." Sweeney was able to point out some hilarious specifics like a polluted wharf, and still bring it home with the pillars of our identity, traffic, taxes and boredom.

@iammikefeeney Replying to @theyfwmocha Welcome To Connecticut! #connecticut #ct #fyp #foryoupage #comedy #uconn ♬ original sound - Mike Feeney

The interesting thing is, I don't think Sweeney is from Connecticut. After I hit the follow button, I went to check out the rest of his content to see if there was more Nutmeg State content and there wasn't. Instead, I realized that Sweeney does videos like the "Welcome to CT" for different regions around the country. He has one for New Jersey, New Orleans, Atlanta, etc.

That's not that unique, there are many people who have total social media brands dedicated to talking about the personality quirks of different, cities, towns and states in America. What sets Sweeney's apart is that, it's good. He actually nailed it and probably doesn't live here. I hate that, when outsiders are able to boil us down to three words and be right.

Traffic, Taxes and Boredom = CT 

This is why my wife wants me to focus my energy better. While I like what Mike did, his are not groundbreaking or Earth shattering commentary/ideas and the video has over 2 million views. In short, I could and should be doing this kind of thing.

P.S. While everything I just said is true, I still love this state for many reasons. Well, I love Western Connecticut, the rest of the state, eh.

Now, enough bashing, let us examine the Top things that rock about CT:

  • Candlewood Lake - CT's largest lake is not over trafficked for no reason, it kick ass.
  • Short car ride to NYC, Boston, the, Jersey Shore - Yeah, saying your close to other places may not look great as a reason to live somewhere but it is. In a short road trip, I can enjoy a lot of different landscapes and environments. I can go to the casinos in Uncasville, CT on Friday night, head to a night club in Boston on Saturday and catch a Yankees game on Sunday.
  • John Mayer - He may not ever come here but he was raised here, and that has to be worth something.

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