Plymouth Police Captian, Edward Benecchi, just can't let it go. He's been trying to track down 'Buddy the Beefalo' for the last 3 1/2-months. According to the Hartford Courant, this elusive and handsome beefalo is a cross between domestic cattle and bison that's been sneaking around the woods and fields of Plymouth 

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Buddy managed to escape as he was being transported to the slaughterhouse. I'm thinking, in that beefalo brain of his, he knew that within a day or two he would be turned into chuck roasts, rib-eye steaks, brisket, flank steaks, rump roasts, and top round roasts or perhaps a London broil or two and Buddy decided he had a lot of living to do before he became a meat-lovers dream come true.

Capt. Benecchi became obsessed with catching Buddy because he was concerned that the public could be in danger by an aggressive beefalo that's on the loose. He's tried everything from drone surveillance to putting out apples, hay, and grain. He's tried thermal imaging and night vision scopes with no luck.

In the 3 1/2 months that Buddy's been on the run, he's become somewhat of a legend due in part to his own Twitter account: @Beefalo30835628. The latest tweet was dated November 14,

Beefal0 here! Good to see the sun this morning - getting tired of all the rain - going to be cold tonight, below freezing, so make sure the critters are warm and inside so they don't freeze!"

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