Mark Boughton is the former Mayor of the City of Danbury, and the current Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Services for the State of CT.

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Boughton is a long-time friend of the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95, so when he wants to make an important announcement, he calls us. This was happy news coming from the state, in the form of tax cuts, here is what he told us on Thursday (5/12/22):

"We did spend a lot of time with the blessing of the legislature, and of course the Governor proposed, and got adopted a bunch of tax cuts."

Boughton took a victory lap and absorbed our applause and then got more specific, saying:

"The gas tax holiday goes until November 30, 2022, that's great right? So we're going to keep going on that. We are going to have a new child tax credit, so I'm going to send out to Lou, about five checks for $750 each with my name on it."

After taking a cheap shot and my baby-making abilities, Boughton added to the list of tax cuts by saying:

"You know I'm a big movie buff, so effective July 1, 2023, we're going to get rid of the admissions tax for movies, so you don't have to pay that little stupid tax on a movie ticket. And, if you've got a pension, and-or annuity, retirement income, coming in, you will be able to deduct 100 percent of that, starting next year off your income taxes."

It was nice getting to catch up with Mark Boughton and we were delighted to get the news about these tax cuts. Be sure to listen below, if you'd like to hear the entire tax cut conversation. In it, I asked the former Mayor why this gas tax holiday doesn't always translate at the pump.


In 1970, Two Men Robbed a Danbury Bank + Blew Up the Police Station

The story of the Pardue brothers, their connection to Danbury and what happened in the Hat City in February of 1970 came to us from Mike Allen. Every Tuesday Mike joins the Ethan and Lou Show on I-95 for a feature called "The Place You Live" and this week it was a local story unlike any I'd ever heard.

John Pardue was a 27-year-old man in 1970 who lived in Danbury, his brother James was 23, and living in Lusby, MD. Before the story finds its way to the Hat City, and the brothers rob the Union Savings Bank on Main Street, they had already racked up quite the list of astonishing crimes.

Prior to Danbury, they robbed banks in Lewisboro, NY, Georgetown, CT and Union, MO. They also killed their father, their grandmother, two other men who helped them pull off the robbery in Georgetown, CT and had, at minimum, a role in the death of an innocent Bridgeport man that they stole a car from. John and James Pardue were hardened criminals before their Danbury bank robbery.

Danbury Leadership Holds Secret Meeting on Main Street

The Mayor, the former Mayor, the Chief of Staff, the P.R. whiz, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and the co-hosts of the greatest show in radio history? What are they all doing in one place, at one time? What does this mean for Danbury? What does it mean for me?

Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury

If you've lived here your whole life you probably know most of these places but I am willing to bet even the most grizzled Danbury vet will see something, they have never seen before. Some are wonderful, some historic and others are just places where trash gets thrown, these are some of the Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury.

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