Ummm, seriously?

Travel & Leisure just released a new list of the best cities for Pizza in America. No place in Connecticut even made the Top 15. Phoenix made the number one spot.

The rest of the Top 10 include, in this order: Detroit, Buffalo, Chicago, Providence, New York City, Madison Wisconsin, Wilmington NC, Philadelphia, and Knoxville.

OK, Chicago and New York I get. Not a deep dish fan myself but I know people that swear by Chi-Town. Even bad NY pizza is better than "good" pizza from most places. I can't speak for Phoenix or Detroit but I've not seen them on many stellar pizza lists. When you think Buffalo, you think wings, not pizza. Ditto Philly for, you know, Philly cheesesteaks. I lived in Knoxville for 3 years and the only pizza I can remember came from Cici's or Papa John's. The BBQ was amazing, but the pizza, not so much.

I think the folks at Travel & Leisure ought to use a little of their "leisure" time and "travel" here to the Nutmeg state next time out. Hello? Frank Pepe's? Sally's? Modern? Colony? Anything ringing a bell here? We may have a crumbling economic base, high taxes, high cost of living and major corporations pulling out left and right, but we do have good pizza in CT. There's a reason foodies come from all over the country and stand in line for a couple of hours outside New Haven pizza shops. Don't take away one of the only things we have left to brag about, Travel & Leisure!

Closer to home, my local favorites are the Brickhouse in New Milford, Stanziato's in Danbury, or any of the John's Bests. What about you?


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