Two high School students in Connecticut have taken responsibility for a "penis prank" on school grounds.

According to the CT Post, school officials in Westbrook say the two students adorned the roof line of the school with fake penises and added some along the front of the property for additional penis texture. Westbrook Superintendent of Schools Patricia A. Ciccone says she does not consider this a prank. The two unnamed seniors have been suspended and will not be allowed to "walk" at graduation. The Superintendent added:

I know the principal is not (considering it a prank) and what I have seen of materials, I wouldn’t call it a prank either.

She described the "decorations," saying there were:

Many fake male appendages hanging off the roofline, affixed to the front of the school building and signage and and a very thick, sticky kind of goop part of the whole statement.

First off, the kids took responsibility, they got punished -- we move on. Second, the punishment is pretty standard for a "senior prank." There's a system in place for senior pranks and this is it. Most schools will suspend the kid and tell them they can't "walk" at graduation.

I don't have any problems with the crime/punishment. Everyone pretty much did what was expected. I am curious about the Superintendent's position on this not being a prank. What I take from this is that she is judging this prank on its comedic merits. I am, of course, reading between the lines here, but it sounds a lot like she is saying, "I know a prank and that is not one."

Pranks are a tough game. To do it right, you need to be clever and put a lot of thought into it. That's not how most people apply the prank. Those who perform pranks often rarely put the time, effort and brain power it takes to get them right. Most "pranksters" are people who are not funny, just trying to hard to be. These people will put "Saran Wrap" over the toilet seat or flaming bags of dog poop on someone's front porch.

I get what the Superintendent is laying down here. Now onto the penises. The penis is the ultimate low-hanging comedy fruit. It's there for everyone to cash in on. A cheap, lazy joke, but make no mistake, it's still funny. Penises are absurd, therefore, funny. Penises are like penguins -- we see them and we laugh. We don't know why, we just do.


  • Crime: harmless
  • Admission of crime: Good for you, boys. Take it on the chin and move on.
  • Punishment: standard
  • Penis: eternally funny. Penises are like penguins.

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