They're obnoxious, they're a nuisance, and they could be dangerous.

Connecticut Senator, Richard Blumenthal, and State Attorney General, William Tong have pooled their resources and decided it's time to deal with the problem of robocalls.

According to WFSB, Senator Blumenthal introduced the 'Repeated Objectionable Bothering of Consumers On Phone Act' (ROBOCOP) which would require phone companies to equip their customers with free robocall-blocking technology.

Robocalls have jumped from 17 billion in 2017 to 48 billion in 2018. According to, people reported losing $1.48 billion to fraud in 2018 with the top three being identity theft, imposter scams, and debt collection. $350 million of that money is attributed to phone scams.

The website, offers consumer tips on how to stop unwanted robocalls and avoid phone scams. Personally I've discovered two different solutions for eliminating robocalls which are the RoboKiller app and not answering my cell unless I recognize the number.

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