As far as handling COVID-19 goes, the State of Connecticut really stepped up to the plate big time during the pandemic.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen first hand the great job the state of Connecticut has done in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The state led by the leadership of Governor Ned Lamont has scored high marks in the way it handled and enforced the COVID-19 guidance.

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According to, the website just released an update to its list of the "Safest States During COVID-19" and Connecticut placed 8th in the entire country.

The rankings were based on a number of criteria that include the COVID-19 transmission, positive tests, hospitalization and death, and the number of people being vaccinated.

Connecticut placed fourth overall in the vaccination rate, seventh in the positive testing rate, and twelfth in transmission rate.

States that ranked higher then Connecticut and made the top three were Hawaii, which ranked number one on the list, followed by Vermont at number two, and Massachusetts at number three. New York State ranked well below Connecticut in the number thirty one spot. New Jersey came in at number thirty four, and Pennsylvania scored a low forty seven out of a possible fifty one that includes all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

The most dangerous states where Florida at number forty nine, West Virginia at number fifty and Michigan at the bottom of the list at number fifty one.

In an interesting twist, Red States were pitted against Blue States in this recent ranking, and the Blue States were overall safer then the Red States. Combined, the Blue States had an average number of 22.42, compared to Red States who had an average of 29.72. The lowest numbers signifying the safer the state is.

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