Cheaters never prosper, isn't that the old saying?

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According to one man, it goes a whole hell of a lot deeper than that, it can bring the house down. We're not talking about taking steroids to hit a baseball, or dealing from the bottom of the deck.

This is the other kind of cheating, and one CT man specializes in it. He goes by and says he's seen a lot in his line of work. In a recent TikTok video, he shared the story of David. According to the video, David's wife cheated with a man named Jimmy. Here's the rest of the story. Be careful who you cheat with… #cheating #cheaters #busted #backhoe #married #fyp #ct #connecticut #ctprivatedetective #omg ♬ Master of Puppets - Metallica

So, the guy said this "ain't one of them fake videos." That always sets off alarm bells with me, pointing out how something is not fake. However, I want this one to be real, I want to think that a dude got so mad, that he ignored every reasonable road block he encountered on the way to destroying this man's house.

Here are some of the more interesting comments that appeared in the thread:

Texas Sunshine: "Depending on the state that might help with his divorce however that video will help Jimmy with MPO and his case."

Bonfire Hunter: "gee, I wonder why she would look somewhere else for companionship. He seems like a nice guy."

Saltybastard: "I love happy endings."

Eric_Eazy E: "You are doing gods work! Bless you!"

zuke_161: "Well, unfortunately, David caused jimmy to get new house, now jimmy and David’s wife are enjoying new home."

MSaenz: "It’s not worth it to do what he did. The best thing to do is tell the man who took her thank you she’s you problem now."

The Connecticut Private Detective is named Raymond C. Ranno and you'd better believe I reached out to him to see if he'd come on my show. I'm waiting on a response message but it should not take long. In the meantime, I checked out Mr. Ranno's website and this is some of what he shares about his background:

"I, personally, have been in the field of Private Investigations in Connecticut for over 30 years. I have worked with hundreds of attorneys, insurance companies, self insured companies, universities, police departments and the private sector in a wide range of investigations that now make our agency one of the most experienced in Connecticut."

His business is based out of Middletown, CT but there is nothing on his website that suggests he's not willing to come to Fairfield County. So, if you are looking to catch a cheater, this guy sounds plenty qualified to help you. The other option is quit your job, get a wig, a mustache, a camera you can't afford and set up shop outside the suspect's home.

Someone in the TikTok thread said they had a relative who was a private detective and they always had the best stories. This is why I will not rest until we get the CT Private Detective on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Morning Show on I95. That is actually not true, if I'm not able to book this guy, I'll still sleep like a fat newborn baby after four bottles of formula.

In case you are one of those people that tells me they can't open a TikTok video, here's another interesting story from Fairfield County at Ranno posted to Instagram.

P.S. I respect the hustle CT P.D. You're a self-promotion machine, but that "how you doin'" needs a little work.

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As a great man once said, "because sex."

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