"We're not in Kansas anymore."

You don't have to be to encounter a tornado and we learned that the hard way in the Greater Danbury area last year. In fact, they kinda suck and are not all that funny.

It's time again to draw the shutters and run for cover -- it's tornado season in CT. The National Weather Service is right now at the tail end of "Severe Weather Preparedness Week." The week wraps up tomorrow and was created to raise awareness to helpful hints on what to look for and how to stay safe. Yesterday was all about the tornadoes themselves and today, the service is educating on flash flooding.

Tornadoes are whack, I tell ya. When we had them come through Connecticut and New York last year, I was blown away by the random chaos they brought to our area. In my yard, I lost my deck umbrella, it was destroyed and I was pissed. When the storms were over, I got in my car to go to the store and saw a house, three roads down from mine, it was destroyed.

I lost an umbrella and they lost their home. That put things in perspective for me. I was damn lucky and I felt for the folks who took real damage. They were lucky too, to be alive. These storms are messed up. Do what you can to prepare everyone. The NWS does have great tips.

I wonder what tips they have for the "Meat Tornado?"

No prepping for the damage on that one. I love Ron Swanson so much. He, is my spirit animal. Whenever faced with the choice to "Swanson" or "Not to Swanson," I "Swanson."

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