Police had to use pepper spray after an unruly crowd in East Haven began throwing snowballs, chunks of ice, and other various items at police officers who responded to reports of a large bonfire.

According to the Danbury Daily Voice, firefighters had been called to extinguish a large bonfire on Bradford Ave. in East Haven. When the fire department arrived on the scene, people in the crowd began throwing snow and ice balls at the firefighters and fire personnel.

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When police officers arrived, they started a conversation with crowd member Glen Degray who's son had passed away only days before. The bonfire and the group of people who were invited were assembled to pay tribute to Glen Degray's son. For whatever reason, as the crowd congregated in the home's backyard, some of the members began pelting police officers with snow and ice. Captain Joseph Murgo of the East Haven Fire Dept told the Daily Voice,

A large piece of ice, which was thrown from the crowd,  struck a police cruiser with several people standing near it. While speaking with officers, Degray threatened to start a riot if the police didn't leave.

The group became so aggressive that surrounding agencies had to be called in to assist, including the Branford Police Department, Connecticut State Police, and the New Haven Police. Check out the FOX61 news report.

One officer was smashed in the head with a heavy backpack, and that's when officers began to use pepper spray on the unruly crowd. When another individual lunged at a police officer and was taken into custody, the crowd began hopping over the fence and throwing more objects at the police.

After police were able to maintain control of the crowd, two individuals were arrested and charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer.

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