I grew up in a sports betting household. My dad took action for a local bookie in Waterbury for most of my life. Saturday and Sundays, the landline rang constantly. I would hear my dad give the odds to multiple callers - "Chiefs are giving 3, over/under is 44, Skins are giving 6, over/under is 38, whattya want?" Monday would bring a string of sad-faced losers to our door, handing over stacks of 20's and hundreds. "The house always wins" is what he used to tell me.

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Well, Connecticut is finally on the verge of growing up and allowing adults to legally bet their wages online and in person in the form of sports betting, online casino wagering, and being able to purchase and play CT Lottery games online too.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced that the Connecticut State Senate has given final approval to the Governor's plan to legalize online gaming and sports wagering. All Governor Lamont has to do now is sign the bill, which will be done in the next couple of days, and then the Lamont administration, as well Connecticut's  Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos, will present their deal to the Feds, who ultimately have final approval.

Connecticut will soon be aligned with some of our neighbors like New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island, where some form of online and in-person sports wagering and betting has already been legalized.

Now, if Connecticut could only align themselves with our neighbors when it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana, then I'll truly believe that we live in a perfect society, One that my dad never dreamed possible, ah, the future.

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