Mayor Mark wants the City of Danbury to be prepared just in case.

Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton recently posted a photo on his FB page of Connecticut's National Guard getting ready to erect a mobile field hospital next to Danbury Hospital and some of the comments expressed anxiety and concern. Here's how the Mayor reacted,

The mobile hospital is for overflow and triage but is not needed right now. The city needs to be prepared. This is Danbury doing our best to be out in front of Covid-19.

Members of the 1st and 2nd Governor's Foot Guard and the 1st Governor's Horse Guard erected their second mobile hospital which will assist in the fight against Covid19 but only if needed.


The units are built on trailers much like an army hospital and can be erected in one day. According to an article on, the Guard stated they are not "conducting any security operations. We are here for medical and logistical support only."

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