A new study conducted by Zippia ranks Connecticut as the ninth most hated state in America. Zippia conducted the study by considering results from Gallup polls.

They took into account what people think of other states and added what people think of their own state, mixed it in a bag and determined that The Nutmeg State is number 9 overall. Being in the top 10 is a bad thing here but we made it!

Illinois came in at number 1 on the list and it was its own residents that pushed them to the top. The most damning metric was that 1 out of 4 people from Illinois say their state is the worst state of them all.

I asked our Instagram followers in our daily poll if CT deserves the ranking and whopping 75% said yes.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

Sure, the sample is small, I only let it run for a few hours, but I think it would have ended the same way if I let it run for days. I have a good pulse on what my neighbors think about our state.

We have many people who just don't like it here, for all the same reasons as last year and the year before that and decades before that.

Our transportation infrastructure is epically bad, no one trusts our leaders and our taxes are too high. If you ask people why they don't like CT, that is what they will say in 2021 and I'm pretty sure if you asked people in 1978, they would've said the same thing.

This leaves us with two choices as individuals:

  • Assume the same problems will exist in 2022 and live with it.
  • Assume the same problems will exist in 2022 and move.

Those are the choices, pick a team and let's move on. I am proud to say that at least we are self-aware enough to know what we suck at.

Some states (I won't say who) think they are awesome, can't imagine why anyone would think otherwise and are the butt of jokes nationally, for not knowing.

P.S. New Jersey was ranked number 2 and New York was 3.

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