Connecticut ranked pretty high on the list of the happiest states in our union.

We came in at No. 16 in the 24/7 Wall Street rankings. The website used the 2019 Gallup Well Being Index to craft the list and that index examines things like career, social, financial and physical factors to determine how different states would be positioned. Hawaii ranked No.1, Florida (Florida, you say?) was No. 20 and New York did not make the Top 20.

How's it possible that Connecticut did so well? Connecticut is just too expensive to live in, we are under-paid, over-worked and over-taxed. We live in a state where 90 people move out per day. A sixteenth ranking seems really high from the inside looking out, so how did we do so well on this list? I have a theory.

They say "you have to laugh to keep from crying." The whole state is on the verge of tears and we are drinking booze, laughing maniacally through it all. This is when the cracks start to show. We are at the tipping point and before you know it, you are Florida. Next up, we are all partially nude outside a grocery store arguing with a tree. Florida, you say?

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