Connecticut Median Property Taxes Ranked by County, Fairfield is the Winner - or Loser

We all want to be number 1, unless number 1 means you pay more money than numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. So depending on how you see it, Fairfield County is the winner, or the loser.

These are CT’s Counties, Ranked by Their Median Property Tax Rates. Number 1 pays the highest, and down we go. The metrics come courtesy of

Median Property taxes:

1 – Fairfield County - $6,221

2 – New Haven County - $4,621

3 - Middlesex County - $4,458

4 - Tolland County - $4,325

5 - Hartford County - $4,310

6 - Litchfield County - $4,030

7 - New London County - $3,539

8 - Windham County - $2,970$

Consider this, CT is the forth most expensive state in the country for median tax rates, while we live in the highest taxed county in the state, and it’s not even close. The median tax rate for the Constitution State is $4,378.

CT is cleaning up on Fairfield County because we are also the most densely populated county in the state. What do we have to show for it? The county is dismissed by lawmakers in Hartford, our infrastructure is crumbling and our schools are maxed out to the brink of disaster.

U.S. Census - Population Density
U.S. Census - Population Density

The weight of this region is difficult to withstand, for many of its residents while other thrive. 2019 stats from Data USA say the median household income of $97,000+, has that number at $85,000+, either way, it’s very good and growing.

It’s a lot to consider, the “haves” the “have-nots,” traffic, congestion, taxes, potholes, crowded schools, cold weather, I love this place but it’s getting difficult to justify living here. My problem would be, if I left, where else could I be happy? I love the pace of life, the food, the history, architecture, quality of education, the income and the opportunity.

P.S. All of the stats you can find tell different stories, and the information is collected from different sources at different times. If you have a problem with the numbers or want to yell at me about mill rates, please go somewhere else. I’m an employed father of four who lives in Fairfield County, CT. I have zero time to deal with your nonsense, I’m already on to my next activity.

This Candlewood Lake Hype Video Will Remind You Why You Live Here

As we head into March, a long, icy winter is coming to a close and it can’t end soon enough. All of us have been uncomfortable and inconvenienced by the weather the way we are every year. You work to clear snow; you anticipate and prepare for weather and we all endure it.

We need a break, and it’ coming soon. I often make fun of people whose solution to the seasons is to move to Florida. I say they can’t hack it; they are not big enough to ride this ride or we don’t want them. If I am being fair, by this time every year, I am reconsidering my position on this.

Living here can be brutal but the horizon is coated in sunlight. For many of us, Candlewood Lake is why we live here. It is center stage for our personal entertainment and relaxation. Right about now, we need a reminder of why we live here and what is to come for our spring and summer.

To that end, I was daydreaming today, cruising videos of Candlewood Lake in the summer and I found a Youtube video from 2020. It was posted by Olini Media and, in less than two years it has almost 5,000 views

Photographer Captures the True Grit of Downtown Danbury in Black + White

Recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across a page I’d seen before, one I really enjoy. It’s called @danburystreets

All the posts from @danburystreets tell and intimate and gritty story, portraying life in the Hat City for its reality. If you look at the body of work as a collective, you’ll see good, bad, passion, hurt, anger, commerce and an identity crisis in the streets of Danbury, at least that is what I see.

@danburystreets is run by Renato Ghio of R Media. I knew he was behind it, and it had slipped my mind. So, when I reached out to ask permission to use the photos, I was delighted to get a response from someone I know, and like. Renato said he’d be honored to have his page featured, and provide insight on his work. 

Potholes Are a Problem on Main Street in Danbury, But They Might Be the Least of the Road's Issues

When I began my pothole journey, I debuted with the potholes of West Street and they are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. The area of West Street near the Citgo gas station, just after Division Street is a torturous little stretch of road, and where I took most of my photos. The next mission for me was Main Street and it took some doing.

I had to break it down into sections of road so I could safely access these potholes without being struck by a vehicle. To that end, I was forced to omit what I believe is the worst pothole area on Main Street, from the Danbury Police Station, down to the Mobil gas station. There was no good place to really park and I wasn’t walking the entire stretch of road this time of year.

I was impressed to learn certain stretches on Main, had no potholes and that is something you’d never guess if you traveled the road every day because it’s an extremely rough ride. Potholes are just part of the tapestry of the awful, jarring mess you will drive your car through. Main Street has tons of huge divots in the pavement, many manhole covers, train tracks, grooves and general chunks of road that seem to have gone missing and were replaced with pebbles. Then you have your double parked cars, aggressive drivers and illegal motorcycles to add to the layered, and anxiety laden experience. These are the potholes of Main Street in Danbury.

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