What’s your problem? That is the question we ask of a friend who has a “face” on, and if you asked me this question, I’d answer potholes.

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I hate potholes as much as nails on a chalkboard. I hate them as much as a co-worker asking a question at the end of a business meeting just to prove their engagement.

I hate potholes as much as being in line at the convenience store behind someone who won’t stop buying and scratching lotto tickets. They make me very unhappy and the potholes on West Street in Danbury are as bad as any I’ve seen.

These Potholes on West Street in Danbury Will Devour Your Car + Your Soul

Potholes are the bane of my existence and this is not a new issue to me. I’ve never been a person who has “good luck” with my vehicles and that has been reflected in a lifetime of car repair invoices. Below are some facts about potholes, along with a series of photos I took of potholes on West Street in Danbury. 

Soul reaping potholes? Yes, we live in unfortunate times.

P.S. I promised the listeners of the Ethan & Lou Show a pothole map, and a pothole map they shall have. I will deliver this map, one street at a time until my legs don’t work no more, or my phone runs out of storage.

P.S. #2 - Below is the area where I took these photos.

Google Instant Street View
Google Instant Street View

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