If ever there was the opportunity to say, "dumb ass", here it is. Pull up a chair and let me tell you the story of a Waterbury man who apparently wasn't in line the day brains were handed out.

According to a press release from the Shelton Police Department, officers arrested 23-year-old Davie McMillian of Waterbury on Monday (Sept. 25) when he returned to the police department to reclaim a bag, which belonged to him. While that might seem innocent enough, you know that's not where this story is going.

The press release goes on to say that on the day in question, the Shelton Police Department responded to an incident involving McMillian in Shelton. Hours later, police were contacted and the caller told them that McMillian left a bag behind at the scene and that they wanted to turn it over to the police. They said it appeared to contain some type of drugs inside it.

When Shelton Police went back for the bag, officers confirmed it contained a moderate amount of crack cocaine. The bag and narcotics were brought back to the Shelton Police Department. Here comes the "here's your sign" moment. 

The police report states that McMillian not only arrived at the Police Department to reclaim the bag that had the crack inside, but he did so accompanied by a female who was identified as a victim who has a full, no-contact protective order against Davie. How's that for adding insult to injury?

Police say that McMillian positively identified all the items in the bag, and was then told he was going to be placed under arrest. He has been charged with Illegal possession of narcotics and violation of a protective order.

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