How many days were you without power after a tropical storm Isaias tore through New England?

CT Insider recently reported that Connecticut lawmakers say that Eversource will be held accountable for its response to Tropical Storm Isaias and Rep. Matt Blumenthal from Stamford added that "This is only the beginning."

Eversource disagrees and stands by its response to the storm, saying, "We were well prepared and managed to mobilize thousands of crews to restore power as quickly as possible while following COVID protocols. What do you the residents of Connecticut have to say about how Eversource? Let's review.

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On Thursday, August 6, 2020, over 600,000 Connecticut residents were still in the dark after Isaias wreaked havoc throughout New England.

According to an article in the Journal Inquirer dated August 27, 2020, Eversource CEO James Judge made his first public appearance saying that 90% of utility companies aren't required to pay reimbursements due to an "act of God," so Eversource is not required to pay for lost food or medication.

What do you, the residents of Connecticut, feel about how Eversource performed cleaning up after Tropical Storm Isaias?

According to, in 2019, Judge's pay jumped 33% to $20 million. How can you possibly make ends meet on that kind of money? Just saying. In this YouTube video dated August 20, 2020, Eversource CEO makes his case.

Connecticut lawmakers have drafted a 111-page document submitted to the state's Public Regulatory Authority stating that "Eversource preparations and response to the storm were inadequate" and considered fines and penalties against the utility company.

The document also includes a list of 15 orders for improvements sent to Eversource, which included a stress test outage-reporting system and to have resources ready in advance of the oncoming storm.

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