A new Law in the Nutmeg State will allow Breweries to sell Connecticut wine and Vineyards will be able to sell CT brews. The sales will begin next year and were signed into law earlier in the year by Governor Ned "The Head" Lamont. According to the Patch the changes were made to assist in the growth of the brewery and vineyard industries throughout the state.

If I'm being honest, I love this move, Ned actually did something good, that jumps him up a notch in my book, putting him at notch -3,214. There needs to be more done in my opinion. I'd like to be able to buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store for instance. Here are some other places I'd like to see wine being sold:

  • Home Depot - Nail gun and a flight of your favorite Chardonnay's.
  • The Dollar Store - Birthday card with a side of dollar wine.
  • CVS - Foot ointment and a buzz
  • The Defunct Bennigan's parking lot - Standing next to a burn barrel, in a parking lot, near a bridge, wine in hand.
  • Local Barber Shop - Tighten your head, loosen your inhibitions.
  • Places they sell yarn - Getting yarn, no longer a regrettable activity.
  • Popeye's Chicken - It's already a dangerous place due to chicken shortages, why not throw some gas on the fire?

I think you get the point, I'm telling you it's going to solve a lot of domestic arguments. No one will ever say they don't want to run an errand again. Q - Hey, "can you go to the bank?" A - "Yes I can." You drop off a deposit at your local bank and make a withdrawal of Almaden. Amen to that.

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