People may not have realized, but Matt Amodio of Connecticut is slowly becoming one of Jeopardy's all-time money winners.

He's the current Jeopardy champ, and a Ph.D. student who attends Yale University. His name is Matt Amodio and he has now compiled an impressive winning streak. Amodio just won his seventeenth consecutive game, and has now pocketed a total of over $547 thousand dollars.

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According to, with his latest victory, Amodio has moved into third place on the all time regular season money winners list. He's in some pretty impressive company behind two of the most legendary players in the shows history, James Holzhauer and the all-time money winning leader, Ken Jennings.

Amodio also has another distinct habit that's making some headlines. He responds "what is" for every answer, something that has not only confused, but kind of ticked off Jeopardy fans.

Either way, his success on the show even prompted Governor Ned Lamont to do a Twitter video chat with Amodio where he congratulated the current champ and told him how proud the state is of his accomplishments, as well as showing the nation how smart people from Connecticut are. Lamont finished the chat by telling him that the whole state is cheering him on.

You can watch the whole Twitter Chat right here:

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