He was the voice of the infamous Danbury Trashers, Phil Giubileo is a hockey man to the bone.

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Since his time in the Hat City, Giubileo has continued a successful career as a broadcaster for the Quinnipiac men's and women's hockey teams. If you love college hockey, you already know that Quinnipiac beat Michigan 5-2 in the Frozen Four semifinal on Thursday (4/6/23).

They advance and will take on Minnesota in the National Championship game on Saturday (4/8/23). In anticipation of the semifinal game we wanted to get Phil on the show to talk about the magical run Quinnipiac has had this year.

The Frozen Four games are the crown jewel of college hockey, being broadcast all over the world on ESPN 2. But despite covering the team all year long, Giubileo was not in the booth for the big game. Phil was a guest on the I-95 Morning Show on Thursday (4/6/23), ahead of the Frozen Four and we asked him about being sidelined.

What happens, you're the announcer for this team all year, are you doing the broadcast tonight? 

"No I don't get to do that. It ends up on the higher network side so but John Buccigross, he's good and he talks a lot about chicken parm and he's a big guy when it comes to that. He'll rate your chicken parm if you throw pictures of it online. He's going to do the game tonight, he'll do the Frozen Four, both of the games. The other game is Minnesota and B.U. and the Championship. He's really pivotal though he did a great job. Before ESPN got the NHL back, for years he was doing college hockey and he really brought college hockey back on the map, in a big way. A lot of the stuff he would do online and they talked about it on the network. So, he has a ton of respect around the coaches and players around college hockey. So, it's exciting to see him on the call. Do I wish I was doing it? Yes, for sure but that's what happens when you get into these tournament situations. The guys that follow them around all season long, you get kind of pushed to the side and that's just how it rolls. It's all good though."

Phil Giubileo - pictured middle. Phil is flanked by Danbury hockey royalty Brad Wingfield and Jon Mirasty
Phil Giubileo - pictured middle. Phil is flanked by Danbury hockey royalty Brad Wingfield and Jon Mirasty

Phil handled that like a champ, he showed due respect and maintained enthusiasm for the team. It can't be easy to be sidelined in favor of a chicken parm enthusiast.

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Phil Giubileo
Phil Giubileo

You can listen to our entire interview with Phil Giubileo below. During the discussion, we looked back at the Quinnipiac Hockey year and talked about the team's chances in a blue-blood tournament.

It's the same in all major sports so I had a feeling the same would apply here. Think about it, if you're a baseball fan and you watch the Yankees on YES all year, you hear Michael Kay, Paul O'Neill and David Cone. Then, when the playoffs come the games move to whatever network has the American League (Usually FOX) and it's a different team.

I think it's silly, sports broadcasters are storytellers and the person who knows the story best, is the one who was there from the beginning. They even do this with NFL officials and MLB umpires. In the playoffs, those are officiating All-Star teams rather than a unit that has worked the same games all year. No offense aimed at John Buccigross, he's a well-respected, talented broadcaster with a dope name. I also happen to love chicken parm, I'm just saying c'mon!


P.S. I've always liked Phil, he's a great broadcaster and a nice guy. He's a person I'd really like to get more involved in the I-95 Morning Show. He can definitely be our hockey correspondent but maybe we can talk him into more.

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Inside the Premier Party for the Danbury Trashers Netflix Documentary

My name is Lou Milano, I am the co-host of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95. Recently, I attended the local premier of the Netflix film "Untold: Crime & Penalties" about the Danbury Trashers. The Trashers were a United Hockey League team that were around for a short time in the 2000' s in Western, CT but the team and ownership left a lasting impact.

The premier was open to the public and would take place inside the building where the Trashers played hockey, the Danbury Ice Arena. I decided to watch the movie at my house before going to the event. I wanted to use the time at the arena to interview the people in the film, and give an inside look into the night. This was my night out, with the cast of the film and the Trashers. 

Danbury Was the Scene of a Sit-Down Between the Galantes and Gandolfinis

What is going on here? What are Jimmy and AJ Galante, doing with Michael Gandolfini? What are they doing at Dolce in Danbury, CT? Whatever the answer it's nice to see Danbury in the forefront more and more.

A Tour of the Ice Arena for the Danbury Hat Tricks Victorious Weekend

This season is underway at the Danbury Ice Arena and it began in victorious fashion. I was in the Arena for Friday and Saturday's games and I experienced the entire thing for you. Once you are done checking this out, you are going to buy tickets, that is not a threat, it's just what is going to happen.

There is something for everyone inside that arena, even if you don't like hockey. There were a ton of activities to be a part of in the Arena, even if you don't like hockey. That's not my style, if I go for a game I want to watch it but all the extras don't hurt the experience one bit,
Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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