Connecticut is home to pastoral fields, a craggy shoreline, and dozens of mattress stores. But, according to a new study by the CDC, it's not easy to get a good nights sleep here.  Especially in three of our major cities: New Haven, Hartford, and Waterbury. In fact, all three landed in the Top 20 of America's "Most Sleep-Deprived Small Cities".

Internet juggernaut Retail Me Not recently crunched the numbers from data released from the CDC, and came up with lists of America's Most Sleep-Deprived Small, Medium, and Large Cities.

According to the article, sleep deprivation is associated with a variety of other serious health concerns: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, and Obesity. A correlation has been drawn between sleep deprivation and poor physical and mental health. The CDC estimates that 70 million Americans are experiencing insufficient sleep, 7 hours or less a night.

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According to the article, many obvious factors contribute to sleep-deprivation: Longer commutes and working hours, more time spent on brightly lit devices at night. Another factor to sleeplessness that might not be so obvious, poverty. A poor family's access to nutritious food and safe, affordable housing creates stress that ultimately affects their ability to get a good night sleep. Cities with higher poverty rates are more likely to have higher rates of sleep deprivation.


The study identified the cities and states where the most adults reported getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night. Then they combined that data with the number of adults reporting poor physical health and the local poverty rate. Connecticut landed three major cities in the Top 20 of the Small US Cities list. New Haven came in at number 13 on the list with a 41.6% sleep-deprived population. Hartford was close behind at number 15 with a 41.5% sleep-deprived population, and my hometown of Waterbury came in at number 17 on the list with a 41.2% sleep-deprived population.

Photo by Large "CPAP" Dave

I Looked through the lists of the Large and Midsize Most Sleep-Deprived Cities to see where our neighbors landed, New York City came in at #7 on the Large City list, and Boston was #20. Newark was #2 on the Midsize city list and Patterson and Elizabeth, New Jersey were both ahead of the three CT cities on the Small Cities list, at numbers 9 & 11.

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