Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed a new bill into law on Tuesday (5/10/22) that would reduce the amount of consecutive days a CT prisoner could spend in solitary confinement.

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According to CT News Junkie, the bill passed through the legislature in April, and now, with Lamont's signature, it caps a solitary confinement stay at a maximum of 15 days for a CT prisoner. Lamont had this to say:

“This law makes it clear that isolated confinement should only be used in extreme circumstances."

Lamont's signing is greeted with applause from prisoner advocate organizations like Stop Solitary CT. The leader of that group is Barbara Fair who had this to say:

“I can finally exhale because I know it’s actually signed."

The bill signing also means the creation of a new Ombudsman Position for the CT Prison system. That person will oversee the investigation of complaints made by prisoners in the Nutmeg State.

We spoke about this on the Ethan & Lou Show on Wednesday (5/11/22) and it got me to thinking, how would Ethan and I behave if we were in prison? We had that discussion while sharing some misconceptions about jail/prison from Charlotte Stories, this was the result.

I 100% knew, before we started to speak about it, how this segment would go. I knew I was going to tell Ethan he was "too nice" for prison. I KNEW he would agree, and all I had to do was manufacture a hypothetical prison transaction and he'd say "I'll buy you Ring Dings." That was radio magic right there, and I have to thank Ethan Carey for being so uniquely Ethan.

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