On Saturday (8/22/20) CT Governor Ned Lamont shared a COVID-19 update to his official Facebook that was specific to Danbury, CT that read:

Tonight, the Connecticut Department of Public Health issued a COVID-19 Alert for Danbury as that area has seen a significant increase in cases in the last two weeks, with much of the outbreak related to domestic and international travel.

Between August 2–20, Danbury recorded at least 178 new COVID-19 cases, a sharp increase over the previous two-week period when only 40 new cases were recorded.

We're urging anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to get tested ASAP, stay home until your test results are known, and stay at home for at least 10 days if you test positive.

We need you to answer your phone if a contact tracer tries to get in touch. If you are over the age of 60 or have a chronic disease and live in Danbury, you should stay home. We need employers to help make sure everyone with symptoms or who was exposed is staying home and not coming to work. Friends and neighbors could help by supporting those who need to stay home with food and other errands.


The full post read:

Connecticut Reddit user called Thornkale posted a screenshot of the Governor's post and wrote: "Annnndd here is comes." I'm sure they meant "this" and not "is" but whatever, folks were all too happy to respond and there were not many soft opinions.

CT Gov Issues COVID-19 Alert for Danbury, Reddit Goes Nuts

Danbury is so hot right now! We are getting love from all sides, COVID, John Oliver, Ned Lamont, Reddit and all the city folks moving here. It's really an exciting time to be a Hat City resident.

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