Connecticut's Sacred Heart Academy's Girls Basketball coach Jason Kirck wouldn't let up on their opponents in Tuesday night's game and swamped Lyman Hall High School by a lopsided score of 92 to 4.

As Sacred Heart built up a 56-0 lead at the half, Lyman Hall coach Tom Lipka was angry and frustrated. Sacred Heart Academy's administration told the Hartford Courant;

“Last night’s Girls’ Basketball game vs Lyman Hall High School does not align with our values or philosophies.”

Sacred Heart decided to suspend coach Jason Kirck for one game. Lyman coach Tom Lipka said,  "They showed no mercy throughout." This begs the question, was Coach Kirck wrong by continually encouraging his players to run up the score?

Lyman Coach Lipka said Coach Kirck pressed for most of the first half until the score reached 56-0. At 3-0, Sacred Heart is dominant and one of the best teams in Connecticut. There was no official comment from Sacred Heart's coach or the AD. However, sister Sheila O'Neill was not happy when she issued a statement that read:

Sacred Heart Academy values the lessons taught and cultivated through athletic participation including ethical and responsible behavior, leadership and strength of character and respect for one’s opponents.

Some might say that losing by such a wide margin builds character, or is it just a simple case of piling on when it's not necessary. Unfortunately, there are no definitive rules in basketball when a team loses by such a wide margin.

I would like to know what was going through Coach Kirck's head when his team was ahead 29-0 after the first quarter. If you were in his shoes, what would you do?

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