Would you jump into a nasty green murky pond to rescue your dog?

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That's exactly what happened when a man jumped into the muddy green water-filled Eisenhower Park pond in Milford on September 30, according to the Danbury Daily Voice.

The dog, who goes by the name of Ghost, decided to check out the swampy area and became trapped by the murky waters. His owner decided to jump in and attempt to save the pooch, but also got caught up in the swamp.

As the dog's owner began yelling for help, a good Samaritan dialed up 911. Milford Firefighters arrived at the scene right away, donned 'exposure suits', and immediately got into the water to rescue Ghost and his owner.

Milford Fire Department FB Page...
Milford Fire Department FB Page...

Another firefighter grabbed the safety ropes and was able to pull everyone out of the mucky swamp-like water. Thankfully there were no injuries.

I'm hoping that muck where the dog and its owner accidentally fell in wasn't saturated with toxic blue-green algae. You have to appreciate how much training and skill it takes to be a firefighter. Not only are they trained to fight fires, but they need to acquire so many other skills to respond to any emergency to keep us all safe. PLEASE, support your local volunteer fire department during their yearly fundraising drive. You never know when you might need their help.

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