A flag that honors the sacrifices made by past firefighters in Middletown, Connecticut, was literally cut off the tailboard of a fire engine when investigating a report of an oven fire at Wesleyan University. According to wfsb.com, officials with the Middletown Professional Firefighters Local 1703 issued this statement:

The thin red flag isn't a political statement. We get that some people have an issue with the American flag and the thin blue and even the thin red line these days. But, honestly, even if that was your motivator, taking something that doesn't belong to you is stealing - and stealing is wrong.

Photo Courtesy of the Middletown Fire Dept FB Page...
Photo Courtesy of the Middletown Fire Dept FB Page...

On their Facebook page, the MFD wrote how blown away they were by the dozens of messages they received to replace the flag or donate somehow. They went on to say that they had already replaced the flag and that the purpose of their FB post was to shed light on the fact that the thin red line on the flag stands for honoring their fallen firefighters. The entire post reads:

If you would like to honor what this flag stands for, the members of the MFD fire department suggest you can donate to the IAFF Fallen Firefighters Memorial or The Connecticut Fallen Firefighters Memorial. The last two or three sentences of the MFD's post are my favorite as they refer to the cowards who stole the revered flag.

Those flags were purchased and installed by us with our money. You owe us a new flag. If you would like to return it, you can feel free to do so at fire department headquarters. We're here 24/7/365. And don't worry, if you have an emergency and call 911 - we'll still come because that's what we do.

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