The words "Connecticut drivers" prompt a lot of reaction, but it's rare that any of it is positive.

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Until now, now that Governor Ned Lamont shared the most amazing Facebook post. The Governor's office claims a new study ranked CT #1 for safe driving in the U.S. He posted the following:

"Being ranked first doesn’t only mean our drivers are the best, it also means our roads are safer because we have quality drivers behind the wheel.This is all part of why we are the most family friendly state in the country." 
Since I know this is hard to hear from me, I embedded the actual post for proof below.

I know what you're thinking and the answer is no, it's not April 1st. The graphic was posted on December 27th, 2022, so it cannot be passed off as an April Fool's Day joke. They were actually were serious about this.

In radio and in my writing, I deal a lot with studies, so I am well versed in how this is supposed to work. Typically, what the Governor's office shared would be a headline. Normally, you would click on the headline (link) and it would share a lot more information. Most notably, there would be an explanation of what went into the study, a methodology. Since they didn't share their study methods, I'm going to guess how this went down.

Three bros put on lab coats, filled file folders with salami and engaged in horseplay. At some point, one of the bros grabbed a hold of the other bro by the nuggets and twisted. It's at this point the man shouted "Connecticut!" They wrote that word down and here we are. But that is just my opinion, I'm only one man. What would the internet have to say on the matter?

This study got dragged like you read about. Here are some of my favorite Facebook responses:

Sam A.: "Then why are our insurance rates so high?"

Trent N.: "I just visited CT again after having moved to California for 4 years and almost died 4 times over the course of a week. I’ve driven across country—CT has the second worst drivers only after Massachusetts."

Kurt M.: "Is this the Onion? Babylon Bee? Or is the bar just that pathetically low?"

Lisa L. "I can't laugh as hard as I need too! Have ya been on ANY of the major highways with OUT an escort?? Dude is on drugs."

Pamela C. "Not only do we have the best drivers, we also have the lowest taxes and most job opportunities!"

Susan G: "That’s a joke right??? Driving in CT you can expect not to come home @ night or end up in ICU especially in Waterbury…’s like driving in the Wild West!!!’"

Michael C: "Pothole dodging"

Andrew O: "How high were the writers of this lmao. I’ve lived in 5 states and traveled all over the country, CT drivers are definitely among the worst."

Krissy B: "So why are our car insurance rates so much higher than neighboring states?"

Michelle M: "That's right-- Eat it, other states!"

Pat D: "This is satire right? I drive three miles on 91 and five miles on Rte 20 every morning and witness at least three car’s doing 100mph+ and the same number of close calls. This is a crock."

Elena B: "Today must be Opposite Day - as I’ve been in two hit and run accidents in less than 1.5 years. I’m a very careful driver — neither accidents were my fault, both were stolen vehicles/plates with no insurance/registration. I have witnessed many accidents/near misses on my daily commute and travel different stretches of highways— CT roads are not good. They are poorly lit at night, lots of stretches of unlit areas, poorly marked on/off ramps & the highway stripes need to be brighter as when it rains they disappear. Tons of wrong way drivers lately too.There definitely needs to be stricter consequences for racers weaving in/out of traffic. Maybe if there were consequences for racing and not catch and release for the numerous car thefts (by mostly juveniles) we’d have safer roads."

Stephanie G: "Nice try, Ned. It's like Mad Max and the Thunder-dome out there."

Mike D: "Connecticut drivers are the best? I guess it's just a bunch of New York and New Jersey drivers in Connecticut-plated cars who use 95 as their own personal slalom course."

Maureen E: "I am originally from Wisconsin. I love Connecticut, but best drivers? It is the state of speed suggestions and pause signs. I have never seen so many people run red lights! It has gotten worse since COVID shutdown."

Mike M: "Of course you bribed Lending Tree to make that claim"

Marlene G.K: "Link to study please"

Jodi M: "What planet is this guy from?"

Nick M: "Oh really I’m blind if CT rank 1 in best drivers"

Mary M: "OMG!!!it's the best and last huge lie of 2022!!!! PLEASE! You already won the f-ing election. Stop with this foolishness!"

Rob M: "Then let’s reward our awesome drivers by never charging them tolls in recognition for their amazing driving skills. How about an amendment to the state constitution, permanently banning tolls?"

Keli D.L: "I don’t believe there is a requirement for truth in advertising! But if this was true it doesn’t give me much hope for the rest of the country."

Peter A: "I am one of the best drivers. I agree completely with the rankings. Awesome dynamic state led by Ned Lamont."

Brett R: "gets cut off by a beat up Nissan Altima with an expired temp tag"

Angel J: "This HAS to be a joke! I've lived all over the US and not even Las Vegas or Miami have such egregious drivers as CT especially in Danbury!! I see people blow off red lights almost daily and not just the first car but 3 cars deep all run the light."

Randy C: "We have good drivers because we have drivers that are gooder ". That's all I read from this.. And it's false.

Brandon S: "I almost get hit by people texting and driving daily, Nearly merged into daily, and see road rage on a regular basis. The roads themselves? Absolutely torn up and destroyed in Norwalk and Stamford. Who voted on this lol?"

Rick P: "That’s because people are really careful when they’re driving all of their possessions in a U-Haul."

Melissa R.L: "Awkward post after the recent deaths in West Hartford and the start of a task force."

Ryan Y: "Best drivers yet we have to install BIG FLASHING SIGNS on exit ramps to alert people are going the wrong way."

Jennifer J: "If you mean “#1 for most drivers who inappropriately hold up highway traffic by Sunday cruising in the left passing lane” then yes."

Jean R: "If they calculated in Deer Hill Avenue, it would’ve dropped us to last place."

Roland R: "This topic is a great example of how feelings don't always match the facts."

Edona B: "Thanks Ned! For absolutely nothing once again."

Victoria S: "I guess if driving like it’s GTA means “the best” then it’s gotta be true."

Janet P: "Must have conducted this on a day I stayed home."

Mike G: "I love a politician with a sense of humor!"

Adam P: "Where it is 100% legal to tint your windshield and wear sunglasses."

Mina D: "Drugs. Whomever made this is on drugs cus wtf mate."

Ricky S: "I think you misspelled worst."

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