According to the Hartford Courant, legislators from a Southeastern delegation of Connecticut want to make sports betting legal in Connecticut. The bipartisan group has even drafted a proposal to legalize both online and in person sports betting.

State Casinos would oversee the sports betting and Keno would be operated by the Connecticut Lottery if the Bill were to pass. New Jersey is among a  handful of other states have already legalized this type of betting.

If you listen to radio or watch television anywhere in the Tri-State area, you have either heard or seen ads for this type of betting. To say the least, it's very popular and money is being made all over the place. The state of New Jersey is getting its fair share of dough. According to a November article in the Press of Atlantic City, New Jersey raked in $4.15 million in taxes since sports betting went live on July 14, 2018.

Potential adverse effects aside, sports betting IS coming to Connecticut. That's just my opinion, but I think these states are going to fall one by one and in short order. The cash is flowing - it's a perfect way for states to print money. There will be states that will hold out until the war is over. I just have a hard time believing they will sit back watching neighboring states stack cash to the sky and not get in on the action.

I'm just glad I can't ever remember any of my passwords. This is going to save me a lot of money when it is finally legal. The temptation to plunk down $50 on an NFL game on my phone minutes before the game starts would be too much for me. "You gotta let it ride, it's a lock Jerry!"

What do you think of legalized sports betting?

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