Courtesy CableTV.Com

No one can say that we here in the Constitution State don't know how to have a good time. A new study shows that Connecticut's most Googled term related to Cinco de Mayo is Tequila.

Tequila also topped the charts in New York state, according to the study by the website cabletv.com. According to the company,

We used Google Trends data to identify the most-searched terms and keywords from last Cinco de Mayo, then analyzed this data on a state level to identify what Americans across the nation were searching for during the holiday.

Of the 50 states plus Washington DC analyzed in the study, 14 states googled drinks the most, with tequila being the most popular.  Food was also popular, with the obvious foodies in New Jersey seeking the authentic Mexican cuisine of "Chipotle Cinco de Mayo" as their most searched term.

Many thankfully like to know what they're celebrating before heading out for a margarita or cerveza, with 13 states Googling "What is Cinco de Mayo?" Five others need a lesson in the obvious, asking "When is Cinco de Mayo?" Ummm...

Either way, we're blessed with plenty of great places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo around here, from Pancho's & Gringo's to Puerta Vallarta to the several El Coyote locations to Las Mananitas to Hacienda Don Manuel to Arturo's to Pancho's Tacos... the list goes on and on so get out and enjoy. Stay thirsty, my friend.

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