In order to survive in today's economy, you have to adapt. I've seen a new local business adapt over the past couple of months, and they've made so many interesting changes to their business model, I feel the need to inform in case you may have missed.

The New Brookfield Market and Deli is located on Rt. 25 at 277 Whisconier Road. Basically a few steps South of the Four Corners, they've been operating for a couple of months. The building has been completely renovated, and I recently started patronizing the place.

It's a typical set up as you walk inside, there's a deli, a coffee station, and rows of gas station items for sale, like my beloved beef jerky and plenty of candy. I like getting their breakfast sandwiches and they have a great selection of coffee.

Photo by Large "Tikka Masala" Dave

The new owners are very friendly, and they're quick to suggest new things to try in their location. I noticed that they had fresh produce at the front of their store the other day:

Photo by Large "Freshly squeezed" Dave

And then over the past few days, rows of products have disappeared and the space has been taken up by general grocery items.

Photo by Large "Consumerism" Dave

Where there was once granola bars and protein products, you'll find bottles of pasta sauce, and pasta, pickles, BBQ sauce, and crackers.

I stopped and talked to the manager, and he made a good point. You could buy the same products at the 4 Corners Mobil or Shell, so, why would you come to this particular location? That's where they say they differentiate themselves - groceries that you'd have to travel 5 miles away to get, and Indian cuisine that is nowhere close to the 4 Corners area.

It makes sense, and I will now think of this market before stopping at a big market on the way home.

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