They just don't make rock stars like they used to.

Back in 2011 Ace Frehley released his autobiography called "No Regrets". It was an entertaining book to read but I, along with many other KISS fans, felt like there was much more to the story of Ace Frehley that wasn't told.

I think there is still an amazing Ace Frehley book that has yet to be written but it has to be told by the people Ace grew up with, dated, married, worked with and partied with over his 40-plus years in rock 'n' roll. THAT would be a rock 'n' roll book for the ages. Listening to the recent stories told by one of those people who worked with Ace convinced me every more of that.

Doc McGhee managed Ace from the time the original KISS lineup reunited in 1996 until Ace left the band in 2001 and didn't hold back when talking about his days working with the original "Spaceman".

The legendary manager sat down for an interview with Chris Jericho for his podcast "Talk Is Jericho" and went on for a good five minutes telling some hilarious Ace stories. You can hear that segment below:

Flying helicopters indoors? Shooting himself with an Uzi? Walking into a stranger's car? Priceless.

Imagine an entire book's worth of those stories.

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