Residents of Weston will lose a local market that had been operating in town for almost 50 years this weekend.

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The owner of Peter's Weston Market announced on the store's website and over social media that the store, located in Weston Center at 190 Weston Road #4, is closing permanently at the end of the month of January, basically this weekend. The store's owner, Jim Magee, posted the heartfelt goodbye message yesterday morning right after 8AM.

Basically, the statement says that Peter's Weston Market had seen a 10% annual decline in sales over the past 5 years, all while expenses increased. The complexities and decline of in-store sales due to COVID ultimately put them out of business. Mr. Magee then goes on to explain that they've exhausted every effort in an attempt to keep the store open and employees working, even trying a last-ditch GoFundMe page directly appealing to their core customers, but that didn't work out.

Mr. Magee also expresses in his statement the regret he has that the Market closure will also stop the regular donations that the Market has made to the Weston Food Pantry. Magee also gives a closing nod to all of the loyal patrons and former employees that entered his establishment over the almost 50 years.

Magee ended the statement with the urge to stop in and enjoy one last Peter's sandwich, rotisserie chicken or any other of your favorites through the weekend. The doors will close for good after this Sunday, January 31, 2021.

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