There are three towns and/or cities that are named Danbury in the United States. Come along, and join us for "The Danbury 3 Tour".

Should you make the decision to travel with us in our 2009 Nissan Versa from Danbury, CT to Danbury, Iowa, you'll enjoy a 19-hour, 18-minute, fun-filled drive on I-80 West. Don't worry, there will multiple pee stops along the way. First stop - Danbury, Iowa.

Danbury, Iowa - Located in the northwestern part of Iowa in Woodbury County, Danbury Iowa has a population of 342. They call themselves a city, and their slogan is, "The Gem City of Northwest Iowa." The median household income is $41,000, and the median price of a condo or house is $70,000. The big deal in Danbury Iowa is Colbert's Market. This is the only video I could find for Danbury, Iowa when a guy got rescued from a grain elevator back in June of 2011.


The next stop on our tour is Danbury, Texas, and from Danbury Iowa, it's only a 15-hour, 34-minute drive on I-45 South. Located in the northeast center of Brazoria County, Danbury is located 3.5 hours north of Corpus Christi, and boasts a population of 1,710.

Upcoming attractions in Danbury, Texas include Crocs After Dark, and The Honey Expo, along with Filipp's Cafe, which looks like a fine eating and drinking establishment. The following are video highlights of Danbury, Texas.

From Danbury, Texas we complete our road trip to the awesomeness of Danbury, CT. It's a relaxing 26-hour drive to Danbury, CT via I-59 North to I-81 North. I know you've missed the super high taxes, super high home and condo prices, and bagels. Thank you for taking our "The Danbury 3 Tour" and spending 61 hours in a 2009 Nissan Versa. We hope you've enjoyed the experience.

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