It's very possible that the Hat City could be the future home of a new distillery.

According to the CT Post, an acclaimed local real estate company called JAR Associates is hoping to bring a distillery to Danbury. They will need the planning and zoning commission of Danbury to sign off on the project.

The developer does not have a specific address in mind just yet, but it seems they have identified a desired city zone -- the IL-40 light industrial district. Putting a distillery there would require an amendment to city code and the Planning & Zoning commission is weighing this out now. JAR has no plans to get into the booze business themselves, but the developer reportedly has a tenant ready to go.

Danbury needs business coming into the city and not leaving, so I, for one, like this plan. Sure, it's booze related and there will be people who say things like, "hey," "bad," "the devil," "the children," and other things. A distillery comes with a little more cache than say a liquor store, which we have a ton of. Not to mention that it's likely that there will be a "tip of the cap" to the city in the title and it can become a destination for out-of-town booze bags.

For example, if they offer moonshine that has "Hat City" in the title, I will be an obsessed fan. I love moonshine and I love Danbury. You liquefy the two, stick it in a glass and we are off and running. Yeah, they will make whiskey, bourbon, maybe vodkas, all of which I love, but I need moonshine too.

I do realize that you can buy moonshine at any liquor store now, but that's not my style -- that's amateur hour. I used to get the illegal hooch run up from Tennessee. That was from the woods and real, delicious, amazing moonshine. The best moonshine I've ever had, however, was Albanian moonshine made in a kitchen by a friend's grandma. I drank that and saw Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and one Ben Kenobi.


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