In my mind, it just makes sense to enforce this particular ban.

Let me tell you, I don't hate guns. In the right hands, I have no issue with them. That said, even people I know that own a gun believe there is no reason to own a bump stock.

Gun control. A debate that will continue to rage on. But I can't fathom anyone not asking the question, what the hell do you need with a bump stock? Hopefully this new piece of legislation will go through. You might fight for the right to bear arms, but I'd like to think no rational person would fight for the right to own bump stocks. To that end, Connecticut's Governor is taking a stand.

In a story reported by, Governor Dan Malloy is calling on the legislature to ban bump stocks, the devices that increase the rate of fire for weapons. Malloy had this to say to the Hartford Courant:

Now, in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, it is clear that bump stocks have no place in our society...Simply put, these devices are cheap, they are deadly, and they are completely and utterly unnecessary in our society

The ban is part of Malloy's first legislative proposal of the year. There's no doubt in my mind that there will be much discussion and posturing on both sides about this, and any gun control talk. I also know that we need to take some better steps in our country to get the continuing, horrific gun violence, under control.

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