My prayer is that the daughter, family and friends of brutally murdered Hartford resident, Elizabeth Garcia, can find a measure of closure with this recent ruling.

Back in 2015, the sentences of all death row inmates had to be altered after Connecticut's Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional. Many men in Connecticut had been sentenced to death row, and as the ruling came to pass, many families who lost loved ones at the hands of these men continue to wait to see what happens next.

In a story from, the family of Elizabeth Garcia just got their answer. The man that was convicted and was one of Connecticut's former death row residents, has been re-sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release.

Lazale Ashby had been sentenced to death for the killing of Elizabeth Garcia in Hartford back in 2002. Ashby was not convicted until 2008, when DNA evidence linked him to the crime. At his re-sentencing yesterday, a judge added a 125-year sentence on top of Ashby's lifetime term.

The murdered woman's two-year-old daughter was at home when her mom was killed. Now a teenager, reports that she spoke at Ashby's hearing on June 20th saying:

He should be deprived of his freedom and he must be reminded of the horrible things he’s done.

Hopefully, this young woman will continue to heal and find peace.

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